Ranpak Bulk pallet: up to 12 kilometers of endless paper

As from March 1st 2017 Ranpak has introduced the Bulk Pallet for the FillPak void fill and the PadPak LC cushioning converter. Behind the FillPak converter one pallet is positioned with 12 km endless paper (50 gr); behind the PadPak LC converters 8,6 km (70 gr) and 7,2 km (90 gr) are achieved.
So, instead of manually placing individual paper packages, a complete pallet of endless paper is positioned behind the converter. Reloading is reduced to a minimum, with time savings as a result. At the end of the pallet, the next paper pallet is simply glued to the last paper slice. Since no manual lifting of paper packs is necessary anymore, ergonomics is significantly improved. Ranpak’s Bulk Pallets are stackable due to the compact configuration of the paper packs, therefore stock space is reduced.

In summary
Endless paper up to 12 km | Clear time savings | Various paper weights available | Improved ergonomics | Much lesser process interruptions | Reduced stock space

ranpak endlesspaper